Travels and Recreations Pvt. Ltd


Elixir Academy is a distinctive learning place which shapes the future through educating and empowering students to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Essential to this is we have designed programmes to provide the students with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to begin your international experiences.

Many of our courses have professional accreditation and we regularly review our portfolio of courses to ensure we can enable you to develop the knowledge and skills required in today’s global business environment.

We help students to achieve their goals with an ease. Our friendly, supportive environment and our student facilities ensure that you will get the best out of your study and take this positive experience through to your life beyond your education. It gives you that added advantage when applying for jobs with large international companies.

This truly global approach extends to our Tourism and Hospitality programmes, where you have the chance to get trained at one of our travel industry and partner institutions across the world.

“We train you to get the best out of the knowledge, information, equipment, facilities and support to ensure you meet your full potential.”

We regularly review our courses to ensure we offer programmes that are quite relevant to society and employers in the global market. Our teaching staffs come from a broad range of experiences and are into research active.

The Elixir Academy is undertaking more research activity and developing further links with international partners. This growth though will not change the fundamental professional, open and friendly nature of the Academy.

Many choose Elixir Academy for a variety of reasons and the facilities provided to the customers are many and wide-ranging when compared to others in the market.